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the Big Dig
The BIG DIG or the Central Artery/Tunnel (CA/T) Project in Boston is the largest, most complex highway project in American history, and was built through the heart of one of the nation's oldest cities. The project included a tunnel under Boston Harbor, a 14-lane Bridge crossing the Charles River, and an eight-to-ten-lane underground expressway to replace a deteriorated six-lane elevated highway built in the 1950s, the only major highway route through the city.

the Big Dig
The system has Redundant Control Centers with Dual-Redundant Backup CCTV CPU and Video Switchers. After reviewing the current CCTV System, which had been installed and in use for many years with problems, I designed a new Smart Communication Network for Camera Control. The system required upgrading the CCTV CPU hardware and software to enhance operations and communications reliability. Only after the development of a detailed logistics plan I was able to supervise the installation of new hardware and system testing with a limited down time of hours. I then taught the MTA CCTV design/service and repair courses for CCTV, I had developed.


Working with a Dealer, I supervised the installation of a new CCTV system to replace an older system that was no longer supported by the manufacture. The down time to transfer to the new system was 10 minutes due to the dual operation connections in the new design.
Worked on the interface data for other sites and developed a transition design to change out from older systems.


the Big Dig
I installed additional Graphic Workstations into one existing CCTV system to expand the number of operators and did local training.
Provided hardware to add Graphic Workstation to the Master Site, expanding real time operators to 15 or more. These Workstations allow operators to view interactive traffic status icons in real time while the Camera Icons change color when called up to a monitor or running in a sequence view.


Pepsi has 16 new CCTV systems that enhance the operations and efficiency of these locations.
I worked with management to determine the system requirements and generated an operational and hardware specifications for bidding. All projects were installed by a pre-qualified dealer using the system design provided.


The College of the Canyons required a HD Camera with Local Viewing and HD Distribution to two classrooms with a bi-direction hands free communication system. The large AV companies offered 2 PTZ mounted cameras with software integration for audio and very complex operations for teachers.

Cowley Consultants, along with CCTV Integration Parts designed and provided a Custom Mobile Camera Cart located in the Cold-Room. All connections to the main hardware in the classroom use a custom cable for HD video/audio and Intercom communications. The instructor can push one button on a simple remote control to view the HD Camera or play an HD DVD on one or both HD 52” Screens.


While in the Cold-Room the instructor can lecture and answer questions from one or both classrooms automatically hands free.The classroom has ceiling speakers and a wireless microphone for student questions. When teaching from the classroom the instructor picks up a wireless headset and now has full hands free communications to an assistant in the Cold-Room while disabling the speakers and microphone in the classroom.

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